Choose from our innovative mix of menu salads, prepared fresh-to-order. You won’t even know you’re eating healthy, we promise!


It’s not just for sick days anymore… Try our famous Chicken & Wild Rice or our Roasted Tomato Basil – No can opener required!

Californian Panini - Croutonstogo Restaruants


Hot and crispy is always better! Our panini and flatini sandwiches are grilled-to-order and delivered to you at their hot and melty best.


A healthy meal always deserves a little reward. Croutons Bites are the perfect sized treat for you or someone you know!

Soups of the Day

UCSD Campus
Farmhouse Veg. (V), S. West Corn Chowder (V)

Sorrento Valley – San Diego
Broccoli Cheese (V), Minestrone (V)

Farmhouse Veg (V), Cuban Black Bean (V)

Cream of Spinach (V), Turkey Chili

Bend, West
Pumpkin Lemongrass

Bend, East

Cream of Spinach (V), Chicken Curry

Redmond, OR
Chicken Curry, Farmhouse Veg. (V)

All Locations
Tomato Basil (V), Chicken & Wild Rice

*(V) = Vegetarian.


Ordering is simple, just call your nearest location. Delivery or pick up – it’s up to you!