Choose from our innovative mix of menu salads, prepared fresh-to-order. You won’t even know you’re eating healthy, we promise!


It’s not just for sick days anymore… Try our famous Chicken & Wild Rice or our Roasted Tomato Basil – No can opener required!

Californian Panini - Croutonstogo Restaruants


Hot and crispy is always better! Our panini and flatini sandwiches are grilled-to-order and delivered to you at their hot and melty best.


A healthy meal always deserves a little reward. Croutons Bites are the perfect sized treat for you or someone you know!

Soups of the Day

UCSD Campus
Turkey Chili, Broccoli Cheese (V)

Sorrento Valley – San Diego
Avo & Red Pepper (V), Super Chicken

Chicken Curry, Cuban Black Bean (V)

Cuban Black Bean (V), Super Chicken

Bend, West
Cream of Spinach

Bend, East
Farmhouse Veg. (V), Avo. & Red Pepper (V)

Redmond, OR
Turkey Chili, Farmhouse Vegetable (V)

All Locations
Tomato Basil (V), Chicken & Wild Rice

*(V) = Vegetarian.


Ordering is simple, just call your nearest location. Delivery or pick up – it’s up to you!